Apple delivers new chips to new iMacs

We hope you didn’t buy an iMac last week, because if you did, there’s a new model you’re going to wish you waited for.

Announced overnight and already in stores, the latest generation of Apple iMac includes this year’s Intel Core processor, known as “Haswell” by geeks around the world, or just called “fourth-generation technology” by everyone else.

The new chips boaster better performance and the iMac models have also seen a move to new NVidia GeForce graphics processors, capable of pushing up to 40 percent more performance than the previous iMac, which essentially means more gaming is on the cards.

Apple’s new iMacs haven’t gone any drastic design changes since releasing the 2012 model, though, so expect them with the ultra-thin casing, solid metal bodies, and that SD card slot on the back.

You can expect a few changes outside of the performance side of things, and these include support for 802.11ac WiFi, which is faster than the 802.11n standard we’ve all been using for years, and Apple is adding more configuration options, as each iMac comes standard with 8GB RAM and a 1TB drive, but can be configured for as much as 3TB in the Fusion Drive design, or setup with solid-state drives only, while memory can be increased to 32GB.

The new iMacs are in stores now and start at $1599 for a 21.5 inch iMac with a quad-core Intel Core i5, while the 27 inch model struts at $2199 with a quad-core i5.