The traditional desktop computer may well be dying, but its replacement — the all-in-one — is still going strong, and with Apple’s latest additions, the category is now better than ever.

That’s because this week, Apple has decided to one up everyone else still making the all-in-one with an upgrade of screens that improves almost every desktop the company still makes.

This week, Apple’s long-running iMac is getting an upgraded screen, as the 27 inch iMac released late last year and yet only updated again this year is now only available with the Retina 5K screen, providing twice the resolution of the original’s 2560×1440, pushing 5120×2880 instead, with what is essentially 5K.

Inside the computer, you’ll find a few more changes, and that’s because Intel is ready with its sixth-generation Core processors, also known as “Skylake”.

That means you can expect some faster innards, with options for quad-core 3.2GHz Core i5 and 3.3GHz Core i7 processors, configurable all the way up to a 4GHz Core i7 chip if you need even more power, while 8GB RAM is standard and configurable up to 32GB.


Hard drives are still provided, though Apple’s combined HDD/SDD Fusion drive is also available, as is the faster solid-state drive technology by itself, and the 27 inch 5K model will even sport a new graphics chip, with either the AMD Radeon M380, M390, or M395X depending on how much you want to spec up the computer.

Little else about the machine is changing, and while Thunderbolt 3 does exist, Apple isn’t including it on the iMac 27 inch with Retina, keeping the same body from the previous iMac 27 computers with four USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, one SDXC card slot, one 3.5mm headset jack, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.