Apple launches a new, cheaper, Apple Pencil

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For iPad peeps who use Apple’s Pencil, there’s a new one in town aimed at offering a more accessible price point, costing just $AU139. Available in early November, the new Apple Pencil (called “Apple Pencil USB-C” in the Apple Store) will complement the existing Pencil line, which includes 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencils, costing $AU159 and $AU219 respectively.

What are its capabilities?

The latest Apple Pencil shares a similar design with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, including a matte finish and flat side that attaches magnetically to compatible iPads. The design also features a new sliding cap that reveals a USB-C port for cable-charging with iPads that have a USB-C connector.

New Apple Pencil's USB charging port

When it’s attached to an iPad via the magnet, the new Apple Pencil will automatically go into a sleep state. However, it doesn’t charge or automatically sync like the Pencil gen 2 so you’ll need to use the charging port instead. It can also be connected to iPads with the older-style Lightning connector with the help of a USB-C adaptor.

Feature wise, the new Apple Pencil offers the same “advanced pixel-perfect accuracy, low latency, and tilt sensitivity” included with the other models.

When used with M2 models of iPad Pro, the new Pencil also supports the ‘hover’ feature, where the tablet senses the pencil tip’s when close to the surface without actually touching it.

While it should ‘feel’ similar to other Apple Pencils when drawing, note-taking or navigating menus, the new Pencil does not offer pressure sensitivity. This is exclusive to the more expensive models.

For an overview of what each pencil can do, check out the guide below:

Which Apple Pencil is right for me?

While it all seems a bit confusing, the wider range means that you will have 2 choices of Apple Pencil depending on the iPad you have. So, for example, if you have an iPad with the USB-C port including 10th generation iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini or iPad Air, it’s compatible with the 2nd generation Pencil and the new Pencil (USB-C). However, if you have an iPad with a Lightning connector including anything up to 9th gen, you have a choice between a 1st gen Pencil or the new USB-C one. You’ll also need Apple’s USB-C to Apple Pencil Adapter, which costs another $AU15.

iPad with lots of hand written drawing on it from Apple Pencil
The new Pencil is a less-expensive option for everyday productivity and creativity such as note taking, sketching, annotating and journaling

Essentially, a wider Apple Pencil range means you now have the choice between a more creativity and drawing focused pencil, which includes pressure sensitivity, or a less expensive model that has most of the features, saving you between $AU20 to $AU80.

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