Apple releases a dock for its Watch in a dockless world

Ever since Bluetooth started taking over and Apple changed its original iPod connector, the mobile dock has been doing a bit of a disappearing act. Even Apple’s smartwatch lacks a traditional dock, until now that is.

Watch owners keen on changing this will get the option to do so with an Apple accessory, and one that joins a model produced by Belkin.

Arriving with the name “Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock — White”, it’s probably not hard to guess that this is an Apple Watch magnetic charging dock… in white.

Complicated that.


However, aside for the thoroughly difficult name, it’s not so much a magnetic charging dock, but rather the magnetic charging element taken from the mid-range Apple Watch mounted to a circular disc with a Lightning adaptor out the back.


Worth noting on this one is that while it is compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch options, it’s not an overly special charger from what we can tell, but just more of the same on a flat disc that allows you to either lie the watch down or pull the watch up so it faces you, with the magnetic element on a hinge that can sit up.

It also lacks an iPhone connector, meaning you’ll still have to bring your standard iPhone charger to the table or nightstand, or go and grab one of the $80 versions Apple now sells, but again, this isn’t going to put the two together.


On the other hand, the major competition from Belkin units the two product chargers under the one metal block, though it isn’t made by Apple, just made in collaboration with Apple.

At $129.95, we’re not so sure that Apple’s Watch Magnetic Charging Dock worth the price, though anyone keen to make their desk look a little more Apple-esque probably won’t bat an eyelid, and can do so over at an Apple Store or on the Apple website.