Apple releases microUSB Dock connector in UK, Australians left out

Gone are the days where every phone had a different charging connector, as it seems like every handset now uses the microUSB standard. Every phone, except the iPhone, that is.

For Apple’s mobile phone products, the charging connector has always been Apple’s own iPod dock connector, a proprietary port that comes standard on most Apple iDevices, excluding the iMac.

But with microUSB now seen as the standard phone charging port after a 2009 agreement by the European Commission and 14 major smartphone manufacturers, Apple has had to deliver and provide a microUSB option.

In this case, Apple isn’t changing the dock connector in any way, but is offering an optional dock-to-microUSB connector, effectively allowing an iPhone to charge from a microUSB connection.

The connector is available from Apple’s stores in the UK and Europe, but hasn’t as yet surfaced locally. We’ve asked Apple Australia about a local release date, but as of the time this was published, no comment had been received.