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It’s actually a close fight with the pixels between the Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S5, even though the iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch has 0.4 inches on the S5 (5.1 inch).

The biggest direct competitor Apple has in the iPhone 6 Plus is the LG G3, with an identical screen size, but a completely different panel.

You’ll find a 5.5 inch screen on both, but a difference between Full HD’s 1920×1080 on the iPhone 6 Plus and Quad HD’s 2560×1440 on the G3, making it a fight between 401 pixels per inch versus 534 pixels per inch, and no matter how much Apple talks up Retina at 326, both of them beat it hands down.

And yet, here LG’s G3 destroys the Apple iPhone 6 Plus as far as clarity goes.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the LG G3 is so sharp, it almost seems too sharp. That said, on a pixel by pixel basis, it is much, much, much sharper than anything Apple has going for its screens.

Final pixel peep

So is Apple’s 326 pixels per inch enough for Retina?

For most eyes, yes, but it’s definitely not the be-all end-all for technologies out there, and even the iPhone 6 — which literally just came out — is trumped by the screen in a phone from last year from a pixel point of view, the HTC One M7.

In fact, the iPhone 6’s screen is beaten by pretty much every major Android phone, which we had a feeling going in, but most people won’t have a problem with this, because unless your eyes have perfect vision and you’re viewing the world with the phone pressed right against your retinas, you won’t see the pixels at all.

Interestingly, the display on the iPhone 6 Plus proves that Apple is thinking more about the numbers than just the 326ppi used in its Retina display, with a touch over 400 pixels per inch used here (401).

Even though it sits at the lower end of the spectrum used in this size, it’s easily the clearest of the two new iPhone models, and shows that we could be seeing the company thinking differently about its screen numbers for the first time in years, especially as the display competition gets more fierce in the industry.

There is more to a phone than just screen size, mind you, and this is just one part of the review process, of which we’ll have more on early next week for both of Apple’s new products.

But it’s a big part, especially as this is Apple’s first foray into phones close to and above the 5 inch mark, a space that every major smartphone manufacturer has been in for over a year.