Arlo Essential Video Doorbell wire-free version

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell wire-free

The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell wire-free is a version of its popular wired video-doorbell. It has a rechargeable battery to counter any installation ‘hesitation’ for its wired version.

Long story short, The Arlo Video Door Bell – wired (review here 4.3/5) needs hardwiring to 16-24V AC 10VA transformer. Just like its competitors do. In Australia, the usual voltage for a ding-dong doorbell is 8V DC. This means that you may need a transformer, wiring, a ding-dong bell/chime and potentially a sparky. A few hundred dollars extra cost.

On the upside, Arlo removed the need to have a dedicated Arlo smart hub. So, it is instantly usable with a home Wi-Fi network and the Arlo app.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell wire-free

Enter the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell wire-free version.

The US site is here, and it will cost US$199.99 (about A$350-399 here).

It is not here yet and probably will take a few months. It allows for true DIY installation. And if you want you can wire this one up too.

It comes with three months of Arlo Smart. It is Arlo’s cloud that enables features like 30-day video storage, motion zones, and object/face detection. Arlo users know that their annual subscription is worth the peace of mind.

It still has all the wired features but with a rechargeable battery.

  • 180° field of view in a 1:1 aspect ratio (you can see from head to toe)
  • 1536×1536 res
  • HDR
  • Night vision
  • Full-duplex audio and video

Arlo is winning massive sales from its Privacy Pledge where it guarantees not to sell your data. A claim no lesser brand can make.