Arlo Pro 3 (2K) wireless security camera to catch a thief (Update: now works with Apple HomeKit)

Arlo Pro 3

The new Arlo Pro 3 (2K) camera slips into the middle of Arlo wireless security camera range, giving you new tools to catch a thief. And it is now compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa.

The one Arlo ecosystem now has Arlo Ultra (4K HDR) where you need ultra-detail, the new Arlo Pro 3 (2K HDR) where you need good detail and Arlo Pro 2 (FHD) where it is all about intrusion monitoring. Use the right tool for the job.

The new Arlo Pro 3 is about performance and price choice.

Do you need to be able to see the forest or the trees?

Typical security cameras have been 720 or 1080p and suffer from Wi-Fi connection vagaries, poor internet speeds, and at best give you a ‘forest’ perspective. They are even worse in low light. Frankly GadgetGuy finds it hard to recommend any of them without caveats.

The Arlo Ultra 4K (the same resolution as your TV) surprised us (review here) with its rock-solid Wi-Fi performance (it uses a SmartHub base station independent of Wi-Fi or Internet) and gives crisp details and colours even in low light.  To thwart thieves, you need actionable details, e.g. ’trees’.

Arlo has taken the Ultra learnings (it was a gutsy move to be one of the first to market with a 4K Wireless security camera) and introduced a more affordable 2K camera – the Arlo Pro 3 (2K) (website here).

The Arlo Pro 3 uses the Ultra technology

This is a quantum leap over the older Arlo Pro/2 technology. That includes things like colour night shots, people/animal/face detection (cloud subscription required), and common use of Ultra batteries, chargers, mounts, accessories etc.

Like the Ultra it has a LED spotlight, full-duplex two-way voice, a siren, better IP rating and a wider, distortion-free 160° field of view.

The full system (cameras and 2K hub) comes with a complimentary three-month trial to Arlo Smart, for rolling 30-days of 2K cloud recordings. It allows customised notifications and settings to spot people, vehicles, animals or packages. After that time basic functionality is free or pay $3.00 per camera or $12.99 per month (up to 10 cameras) with annual discounts.

Arlo Pro 3

Why Arlo?

Arlo is a security camera company spun out of NETGEAR. In the past 12 months, it has cemented its #1 position with the Arlo Ultra (4K) and now the Arlo Pro 3 (2K). And what is best is that all current Arlo products work together in the Arlo Ultra ecosystem.

GadgetGuys’s mini-review is here.


  • $419 Single-camera
  • $949 dual-camera kit with hub
  • $1,299 three-camera kit with hub
  • $1,699 four-camera kit with hub