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Granted, you’d need to charge them on a semi-regular basis, and probably closer to every day or two, but most people tend to use the headphones their smartphone comes with, and so these would be much the same.

We’re sure some would complain, but the moment they got into the swing of things, recharging both their phone and wireless earphones on a regular basis, it would be a complaint that would disappear.

It’s also possible that the loss of a 3.5mm headphone port would be something that would arrive in only one variant of the phone, and we could see Apple revive its “Air” moniker for the iPhone.

If Apple were to cut the cable on the bundled Earpods, how many people would complain?

If Apple were to cut the cable on the bundled Earpods, how many people would complain?

Back in 2013, we wrote about why people were so down on the iPhone 5S, expecting the iPhone 6 to rock up with better specs and more impressive upgrades, and we wondered why we weren’t seeing more challenging hardware ideas from a company known for testing the waters with well designed and often remarkably well executed concepts.

We even came up with a bit of fiction suggesting Apple launches a phone for early adopters, which we called the “iPhone X”.

Today, however, we suspect if Apple were to make a future driven phone for early adopters, it would call it the “iPhone Air”, and given what we know about iPhone’s battery life, it would probably only do it with the 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 6S Plus, since that frame supports a larger battery which can yield a solid day of activity, and even then some.

But it could easily do it, getting away with a super slim large iPhone for people keen to try a bit of the future ahead of time, much like the audience Apple garnered for the future-friendly one-port MacBook last year.


As to whether Apple will do it across the board to its entire iPhone range, that remains to be seen, though Apple does have a history of making changes that people kick up a stink over and then forget about several months after, so we wouldn’t put it past the company when it unveils new devices, which is right now expected in September.

Change does need to happen, though, so if you want your devices slimmer, someone is going to need to take the first step and get rid of that 3.5mm adaptor, otherwise they’ll be staying at their thickness for some time to come.