Australian Google Store having a sale – to 17 July

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The Australian Google Store is having a flash sale. If you want a Google Home or Mini, Chromecast or Pixel Buds act quickly. Alas, the Pixel 2/XL is not yet on sale!

These discounts should also be at approved retailers that in some cases even undercut the official store prices.

Make sure you select the Australian store if your location services are turned off. All include free delivery.

GadgetGuy’s take – Google Store sales are few and far between

Google, like every hardware maker (GadgetGuy’s article here) needs to clear stocks to make way for new models.

Alas the excellent Pixel 2 and XL (GadgetGuy review here) are not on sale. They are in the U.S. store, so it means the Google Pixel 3 is not far away.

I use the Google Home and Mini every day. Its “OK Google set the alarm”. Then “OK Google turn the bloody alarm off”. The I make small take about the weather and ask it to tell me a joke.

Q: “What’s a magical dog called?”

A: “Labramagadoodle” (OK next time I will specify a non-dad joke).

The Home and Home Mini are respectable pieces of kit – see our review here.