Backbone One PlayStation grip makes Android cloud gaming easier

Backbone One PlayStation for Android
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As cloud gaming enters the mainstream, there are increasingly more ways to play your favourite games away from the couch. One of the most recent cloud gaming peripherals is the PlayStation edition of the Backbone One, a controller grip for mobile devices.

While iOS players have enjoyed the popular PlayStation control input from Backbone for a while now, Android users will soon join the fun as well. Out on 6 July 2023, the PlayStation Backbone One controller costs $179 from retailers like JB Hi-Fi, EB Games and more.

A big appeal to controllers from Backbone and other manufacturers is providing a seamless gaming experience on mobile devices. Although some games use touch controls quite well, many titles feel better when using a traditional gamepad. Services like PS Remote Play and Xbox Game Pass mean you can still play console games on another device if someone’s using the TV, for example.

How the PlayStation Backbone One works

Compatible with most Android devices running Android 8.0 and above, the Backbone One connects to your phone via its USB-C port. For iPhone users, the iOS version connects to your device’s lightning connection port. Once attached, the controller clips to your device so you can hold it like a traditional controller.

Unlike Xbox, PlayStation doesn’t have a native cloud gaming service in Australia. What you can do, however, is play compatible games on your PS4 and PS5 consoles remotely using PS Remote Play. You need a strong enough internet connection, of course, but it’s totally possible to fully-fledged console games while away from your TV. With the PlayStation version of the Backbone, your phone recognises the attachment as a DualSense controller. Meanwhile, the regular Backbone One uses a layout similar to an Xbox controller.

Aside from PlayStation games, you can also use the Backbone One to play mobile games that support controller input. Alternatively, other remote gaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now provide opportunities to play console-quality games on your phone. With the upcoming local availability of the PlayStation Backbone One for Android, the Backbone App is also available on the Google Play Store, which centralises your mobile gaming experience.

If you pre-order, some retailers also throw in a 3rd Earth Protection Case to store your Backbone. The peripheral, that is, not your skeleton. JB Hi-Fi currently has a listing for pre-orders in addition to stock of the other versions:

Backbone has a strong reputation for mobile controllers, and the iOS version of the PlayStation grip is great from all reports.

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