Big PS5 sale takes more than $100 off the new slim model

PS5 sale slim model australia

Instead of chocolate, perhaps a tantalising pre-Easter PS5 sale could make for a gaming-filled long weekend. For one week only, several retailers have discounted the popular console by more than $100.

Notably, this is one of the first big discounts on the slim model that launched late last year. Replacing the original model, it normally costs just shy of $800, but you can pick one up for $685 for a limited time. Technically, the official discounted price is $724, which you’ll see at the likes of EB Games. However, Amazon, Target, and Big W are among the stores with nice sub-$700 price tags.

If you haven’t gotten around to Sony’s latest video game console, the current PS5 sale is a decent entry point. Having been out for a few years now, there’s a stacked library of great games to play, like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, God of War Ragnarok, and a stellar remaster of The Last of Us Part II.

PS5 sale brings out the competition

Live now until 31 March, here’s where you can find a decent sale price on a PS5. Keep in mind that retailers will likely change prices throughout the week to compete for your patronage:

Although not on sale at the same time as the PS5 console, there’s no shortage of peripherals to check out too. With a console, you can use the recently-released PlayStation Portal to stream games remotely, which is handy for when you can’t use the TV. Meanwhile, a DualSense Edge controller is pricey but provides huge levels of customisation for serious gamers. Plus, the Sony Pulse Explore earbuds add high-quality low-latency wireless audio to complete your gaming setup.

As for the console itself, this sale is one of the best prices on the slim PS5 yet. If you’ve been waiting for a discount, now’s your chance.

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