This clever travel device doubles as a wall charger and power bank

Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger hotel
Image: supplied.
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Made to make charging your devices easier while travelling, the new Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger is a clever piece of kit that also houses a built-in power bank.

At the best of times, needing multiple different chargers and cables is a pain while travelling. It’s even worse when going overseas, trying to remember which converter to use in each country. Belkin’s answer to this is a smart one in the form of a charger with a long-winded name: BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank 5K with Travel Adapter Kit.

What does the Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger do?

For starters, it can plug into wall outlets, including swappable plugs compatible with popular destinations, including Australia, Europe, the UK, and the US. When plugged into a wall outlet, it supports 25W Power Delivery 3.0 Programmable Power Supply charging for USB-C devices. In other words, it supports fast charging while maintaining battery health. It also has a USB-A port, letting you charge two devices at the same time.

When you’re on the move and away from a wall outlet, the BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger also doubles as a 5,000mAh capacity power bank. In this mode, it charges at up to 20W.

Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger travel plugs
Handily, Belkin’s new hybrid charger comes with multiple common travel adapters. Image: supplied.

Belkin also smartly includes a one-metre USB-C cable in the box. I like the idea of leaving my regular cables at home and keeping a separate charger aside specifically for travel – less fuss all around. Plus, the hybrid charger is made from at least 72% recycled plastics, continuing Belkin’s sustainable approach to product design.

Available now, the Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger + Power Bank 5K with Travel Adapter Kit costs $119.95, including a two-year warranty. If it’s the sort of thing you might find helpful on your travels, you can pick one up from JB Hi-Fi, Belkin’s website or other tech retailers. Belkin also recently announced its new Qi2 wireless charging range while launching the latest SoundForm headphones.

Pocket-sized, the new charger should reduce the number of different plugs and chargers needed when going on a trip. Anything that takes up less luggage space is a win in my books.

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