New sub-$100 Belkin SoundForm range offer big wireless features

Belkin SoundForm Inspire and Adapt headphones
Image: supplied.
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If there’s one benefit of wireless technology evolving in recent years, it’s increased affordability. Not that long ago, wired headphones were your only option to enjoy music for less than $100. Now, wireless headphones are the norm, and your choices are expanding off the back of the latest Belkin SoundForm headphones.

Previously unveiled at IFA 2023, there are now two new sub-$100 over-ear headphones aimed at children and adults alike. The Belkin SoundForm Inspire model is for younger users to ensure comfortable and safe listening, while the SoundForm Adapt targets office workers in need of a versatile headset.

Unlike many of the best high-end headphones, both models come in at well under $100. In return, you get an audio device packed with plenty of must-have features.

Belkin SoundForm Inspire headphones for kids

One of the trickiest parts of choosing headphones is finding a good fit. If they don’t fit comfortably, you also don’t get the best audio experience. With the SoundForm Inspire, Belkin sourced feedback from children to engineer a design specifically suited to kids.

The result is a wireless set of Bluetooth headphones with 35 hours of playtime on a single charge, smaller earcups and a soft, adjustable headband suited for smaller heads. Equipped with 40mm audio drivers, the SoundForm Inspire limits the volume to 85dB to prevent hearing damage from excessive volume.

Designed for more than just listening to music, the headphones also include a flip-up boom microphone so wearers can chat during remote lessons and while playing games.

Worried about your kid forgetting to charge the headphones? Wired connectivity is also built-in, supporting both 3.5mm and USB-C inputs – the latter port doubles as the device’s charging method. An extra 3.5mm port also lets children share audio with others via Belkin’s RockStar Mode.

SoundForm Adapt headphones: affordable connectivity

Billed as an essential work tool, the Belkin SoundForm Adapt includes many of the features introduced by the kid-centric Inspire device. In addition to the wireless Bluetooth, 3.5mm, and USB-C connectivity, it steps up the battery life and microphone options.

Belkin SoundForm Adapt close up
Among other differences, the Adapt headphones use foam cushioning for the earcups. Image: supplied.

Advertised as lasting for 65 hours between charges, the Adapt should get you through a standard working week, with time left over for enjoying your favourite tunes. Its flip-to-mute boom microphone uses environmental noise cancellation technology to help you come through clearly. Plus, there are also additional mics on the headphones’ earcups to assist with clarity.

Release date and price

Both sets of headphones are available now exclusively through Belkin’s website. The Belkin SoundForm Inspire costs $69.95 and comes in either black or lavender, while the black-coloured Adapt costs $79.95.

It’s great to see more affordable wireless headphone options available, and that children don’t get left behind trying to use ill-fitting devices.

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