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Expandable Power Station
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Before it was all about epic deals, the term Black Friday used to be what people named catastrophic or emergency events, like the 1939 bushfires in Victoria. From earthquakes to perfect storms, the various Black Fridays of history all had at least one thing in common: the victims and emergency workers would all have benefited from one of BLUETTI’s high-capacity portable power stations.

Touch wood the only Black Fridays you experience continue to be the shopping kind, but just in case, a battery system from BLUETTI can keep you supplied with vital electricity for days… in fact, you can power your whole house with one (and some solar panels). 

From 11 November to 1 December, BLUETTI has some fantastic Black Friday deals on its whole range of batteries and power stations. Let’s take a look.

AC and EP power stations

AC500 station and B300S battery

From $5999 (was $6999), save $1000

The current flagship, the AC500 is  a 100% module power station that can connect to a max of six B300S expansion batteries, for a total capacity of 18432Wh. It’s not just about endurance: the AC500’s inverter allows a continuous draw of 5000W, and can even surge to 10,000W, which means it will charge pretty much everything. You can recharge the battery via the wall, solar panel, or combine the two. When using both inputs, an AC500 with two B300S batteries can be topped up 80% in just one hour.

AC300 station and B300 battery

From $5199 (was $5699), save $500

For reliable backup power at home or a very serious glamping kit-out, the AC300 has a 3000W inverter and 15 outlets. Connect it to four B300 expansion batteries, and you get a total capacity of 12,288Wh. That’s enough to run a typical 700W fridge for nearly four hours, and the washing machine for five.  

AC200MAX station and B230 battery

From $4499 (was $4799), save $300
If you need a dependable UPS workhorse for shed, van, or even the home essentials, then the AC200MAX’s 2200W inverter will keep the lights on… literally. Expand it with two B230 batteries for a total capacity of 6144Wh, enough to endure the average blackout and then some. This 15-outlet system is easy to use too, thanks to a touchscreen display and remote operation via Bluetti’s app.

EP500 and EP500Pro power stations 

EP500: From $5999 (was $6499), save $500

EP500Pro: From $6499 (was $7299), save $800

Need a power station that has massive all-in-one capacity and can still be trundled about the house (or beyond) on its own set of wheels? The EP500 (2000W charging) and EP500Pro (3000W charging) are for you, with 5100Wh capacity and a UPS function that kicks in as soon as loss of mains power is detected, which means you won’t even need to reboot your PC. 

EB portable power stations

It’s not just BLUETTI’s big-capacity home stations that are heavily discounted, you can also get deals on the full range of portable systems. These compact battery systems are designed to used on the road, and power one or two devices at once. They still pack a serious punch though, and paired with a set of BLUETTI’s solar panels, give you essentially limitless power while out on the road. Oh, and as a nice perk, the EB series stations also have a wireless charging pad on the top, so you don’t need to dig around for a cable to get your phone topped up. 


From $499 (was $629), save $130

The newest member of the EB family, the EB3A weighs 4.6kg, so it’s not just portable, it’s truly mobile. Designed to keep your usual gaggle of gadgets good to go, it supplies 600W of power but can deliver a 1200W surge, too. A key feature of the EB3A is its 430W AC and solar dual charging – that means you can plug it in the wall and hook it to solar panels, to recharge it in 1.2–1.7 hours. Like other BLUETTI power stations, the EB3A works with the BLUETTI app for control via your smartphone.


From $799 (was $999), save $200

If you run a lot of gear that needs regular recharging, the extra capacity and power delivery of the EB55 might make it ideal for you. With 700W continuous and 1400W surge charging, 11 outputs, and a total capacity of 537Wh, the EB55 can handle multiple laptops, cameras, and smartphones at once. It also has 400W dual-charging from AC and solar simultaneously, so you can charge it back up in 1.8–2.3 hours.


From $899 (was $1099), save $200

When you need to power more than just portable gear – think mini fridge or TV in the van – the EB70 steps up with power-station-like performance from a system you can still easily pack in the boot. With 716Wh of capacity and 1000W of delivery, the EB70 can tackle almost any travel task you throw at it – especially since it has a mix of 10 DC and AC outputs.

Solar panels PV120, PV200, PV350

To keep your power system topped up when you’re away from the grid, and to take advantage of BLUETTI’s dual-charging system (AC plus solar at the same time, for incredibly fast recharge times), just at a set of foldable solar panels. All use monocrystalline cells with 23.4% efficiency, and you simply select the power output you need, from 120W to 350W. They’re built tough for the road, with ETFE coating and an IP65-rated junction box. Just park, unfold, plug, and play!

More perks

When you spend more than $1000 online at from 1pm November 11 to 12am 1 December (AEDT), you also have the chance to win prizes, including an EB3A portable power station, trolley cart and carry bag; $100 or $150 coupons and BLUETTI gifts.