BLUETTI EP760 storage solution aims to reduce electricity bills

Bluetti EP760 batteries stacked outside a house

Launched today, the BLUETTI EP760 storage solution is a 7600W home backup power system offering a flexible capacity of up to 19.8kWh for better energy management at home. This cutting-edge product is designed to help keep your entire home bright, even during sudden power outages, and most importantly, without paying high energy bills. 

Slash your electricity bills 

The BLUETTI EP760 is built to significantly reduce electricity bills, making it a beneficial investment for homeowners. This home energy storage system is compatible with various photovoltaic panels and supports efficient solar energy storage at a maximum rate of 9000W. The stored solar power can be used at night or as a reliable backup during unexpected power outages. 

As the EP760 system is certified for grid connection, any excess solar power can be sold back to the grid for additional income.

Even without solar panels, the EP760 offers an intelligent peak load shifting feature that enables homeowners to charge the system when grid electricity is cheap and discharge it during peak hours, reducing overall energy costs.

Tailor-made capacity for your needs 

Featuring a 7600W pure sine wave output, the BLUETTI EP760 storage solution could power all household appliances from refrigerators to power tools, and even electric vehicles. The modular design of the EP760 also makes it easy to transport and install. 

The EP760 allows homeowners to customise their energy storage capacity to meet their specific needs. By pairing the EP760 with two to four B500 battery packs, users can create an energy storage system ranging from 9920Wh to a staggering maximum of 19,840Wh. This impressive capacity could store more, free solar-generated power to run homes at night or during extended power cuts.

Uninterrupted protection against blackouts

 With hotter, drier weather already evident as a result of the current El Niño weather pattern, Australia is expecting more bushfires and associated power failures. As an uninterrupted power source, the EP760 can prepare for any potential power outage. With a responsive UPS feature, it switches over in 10ms to provide power to critical loads. The EP760 keeps the house cool, the food in the fridge fresh and everything running smoothly.

Wide applicability anywhere 

Pending CEC certification, the EP760 is designed to be installed safely and adapt to different environments. Featuring an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance and operating at less than 50 decibels, this energy storage system can be easily installed in homes, cabins, sheds, and other spaces. Its compact design allows for vertical stacking on the floor, saving valuable space. Furthermore, the EP760’s internal self-heating function ensures smooth operation even in cold temperatures as low as 20°C, making it suitable for use in frigid regions.

Safe and resilient for years to come

BLUETTI puts the safety and peace of mind of its customers first. Its EP760 is equipped with highly reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries, known for their durability and an impressive lifespan of 3500 cycles, equivalent to a solid decade of use. To further instill confidence, BLUETTI offers a generous 10-year warranty, local service, and maintenance teams, ensuring customers enjoy hassle-free operation and support.

Availability and price

A basic EP760  system (EP760 with two B500s) will cost $9599, including GST and excluding shipping for the first ten days following 25 October. Customers can also experience and purchase it with massive savings at BLUETTI’s booth # JJ139 at the All Energy exhibition in Melbourne on 25-26 October.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get the future of home energy storage and revolutionise your energy consumption. 

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