Bose aims for good, better, best with SoundLink III

The next generation of Bluetooth speakers may well be here with Bose adding another to its SoundLink line, an entry which Bose says doesn’t just offer excellent sound, but improved performance across the board.

A third entry in the SoundLink lineup, the Bluetooth portable speaker draws inspiration from the SoundLink Mini which was released last year, with metal body and metal grill that wraps around the body, while the top control panel is made from silicone which should protect against dust.

In fact, just like the SoundLink mini, there will be covers available to bring extra colours that protect the edges of the speaker a little bit more.

Inside the speaker, Bose is relying on Bluetooth’s A2DP technology for wireless streaming, with the six most recent devices stored in memory.

The battery is expected to let the SoundLink III produce up to 14 hours of sound, which itself will be powered by four neodymium transducers and a new DSP algorithm to produce louder sound which should still be as clear and balanced as ever.

Pricing for the SoundLink III puts this speaker in the mid to high end of the Bluetooth portable speaker spectrum, with a recommended retail price of $399, while the accessory covers will be sold separately for $49.95 each.