Bose updates its SoundLink Mini with longer battery life

Bose’s take on what a tiny Bluetooth speaker should be is getting an update, and if you like making calls out loud for long periods of time, you’re going to like what the company has done.

This week, the company is rolling out an update with those activities in mind, though listening to music is also high on the agenda, because that’s mostly what we tend to use wireless speakers for.

The name isn’t set to change much, though, and you’ll still find the “SoundLink Mini” branding on the device, now with a “II” on the other side, because this is the second generation of the device.

New features to this one include speakerphone functionality, support for two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and a better battery that Bose claims can deliver as much as ten (10) hours of life before being charged either from a microUSB port or with the included charging cradle.


“The original SoundLink Mini did something remarkable,” said Jack Yu, Bose’s Product Manager for the SoundLink speakers.

“There was nothing else like it, and it continues to amaze people with its sound. Our engineers kept all that performance — and added new ways to use it and love it.”


The updated speaker will keep the aluminium housing of the original and compact size, also keeping the weight down to under 700 grams.

Control will best be handled through a connected device like a phone or tablet, but just in case you like the feel of buttons, there are a few of these on the very top of the speaker.


“The SoundLink Mini II is another example of our obsession with the details,” said Yu.

“Wireless is everywhere, but better wireless — better sounding, better designed, easier to use — that’s where we’re always focused. Combining the amazing sound and look of the SoundLink Mini with new features that are simple, intuitive, and brilliantly delivered provides another chapter in our story.”

Bose’s SoundLink Mini II is available now for a recommended retail price of $299 in two colours, carbon (black) and pearl (white).