Brydge connects its metal keyboard to iPad Pro, too

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is getting lots of attention, but if you’re upgrading and expecting a keyboard case to come with you only to find the case doesn’t work, at least one does.

That’s what has happened with the BrydgeAir keyboard this week, with the company announcing that its metal keyboard case with a 100 percent aluminium build and backlit keys will work with the 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

“The new iPad Pro is undoubtedly a game changer for Apple,” said Nicholas Smith, CEO of Brydge, who added that “it is a revolutionary product [and] a portable productivity device that deserves to be complemented by a keyboard that is equal in functionality and quality.

“Enter the BrydgeAir keyboard,” he said.


We checked out the BrydgeAir earlier in the year and found it to be a solid made product with a design very, very, very close to what Apple makes, though the on-board speakers weren’t great and the Bluetooth needed some work.

Ignoring those few issues, it was a pretty solid little device, and the fact that it now has technical compatibility with the iPad Pro is a good thing.

What we wish, however, was if Brydge made a BrydgePro with the Apple keyboard dock connector, because that would at least kill any issues with Bluetooth dead, meaning our performance would increase, and possibly even improve the hold on the tablet due to the magnetic dock.

Here’s hoping.