Canon delivers a splash of colour for an unexpected gadget

It’s crafted from aluminium and comes with a screen that you can see from nearly every angle. It has a nearly unlimited supply of power and could even get a few people lining up for it, and it’s now in green, and orange, and blue, and pink.

What is it?

It’s a calculator, a model which Canon says is made from recycled Canon materials — which we suspect means old calculators and printers — as well as two types of power sources, with a solar battery and a small watch style battery for when you’re stuck inside a cement box with no access to sunlight of any kind.

We didn’t even realise basic calculators were still a thing people cared about, but we’re sure there are number crunchers out there who see this as an important purchase since the plastic buttons make relatively large sounds when you bash them heavily, thereby telling nearby coworkers or the cat that you’re making important accounting decisions.

And given that there’s a function on the calculator for tax, this is probably true.

Seriously, this has to be one of the strangest new gadgets that has ever graced the GadgetGuy desk, but if you need a new calculator because the one in your phone or on your computer just isn’t good or loud enough, you’ll find the four colour strong range of Canon’s K series calculators in stores shortly for $23.