Imagine being able to see in pitch black. No light at all, absolute darkness, and yet there’s still a picture. It might seem inconceivable, but Canon appears to have something that can do the job.

Unveiled this week, Canon has a rather expensive but very specialised device developed specifically to see into the darkest of dark spaces, with a small box of a video camera that can capture what no one else can.

While cameras commonly toss out sensitivity ratings of ISO 25600 ranging all the way up to ISO102500, the latter of which can do some pretty cool things in low light, Canon’s ME20F-SH sports an insane ISO rating of over 4,000,000 — yes, that’s four million, you read the commas properly — capturing Full HD video of some of the darkest environments you’ll think you’re closing your eyes in.


Helping make this happen is a high grade 2.26 megapixel sensor with some larger-than-normal pixel sizes.


This works in conjunction with some Canon proprietary technology to let in all that light and let the camera interpret it, which could be useful long term for documentaries at night, as well as astronomy.