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The first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is less about looking at new toys and more about seeing what companies want to show off, and there has certainly been a lot of that today.

We’ve been live blogging all of it, straight from our cameras and phones on the floor of the expo, and while we’ll be doing it again tomorrow (and the day after that), you can check out what happened below in the order it happened!

All times are in Las Vegas time, which reads like it’s five hours in front of Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Melbourne), except a day behind. Join us tomorrow when we see more of CES Live!

7.47 am

Is anyone awake in Australia? We’re live blogging the LG presser. First of the day!

7:52 am

I think we’re looking at an OLED…  hasn’t started yet though…

8.00 am

Let’s do this thing

8.02 am

Preview video is showing some smart appliances

8.04 am