CES 2013 Recap: Day 1

The first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is less about looking at new toys and more about seeing what companies want to show off, and there has certainly been a lot of that today.

We’ve been live blogging all of it, straight from our cameras and phones on the floor of the expo, and while we’ll be doing it again tomorrow (and the day after that), you can check out what happened below in the order it happened!

All times are in Las Vegas time, which reads like it’s five hours in front of Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Melbourne), except a day behind. Join us tomorrow when we see more of CES Live!

7.47 am

Is anyone awake in Australia? We’re live blogging the LG presser. First of the day!

7:52 am

I think we’re looking at an OLED…  hasn’t started yet though…

8.00 am

Let’s do this thing

8.02 am

Preview video is showing some smart appliances

8.04 am

That’s Wayne Park, CEO of LG USA

8.10 am

LG’s Skott Ahn is talking up more natural interfaces for devices

8.12 am

NFC is going to be used to pair devices, such as your smartphone to a TV, or even a washing machine.

8.13 am

“TV’s are getting smarter, but the way we interact with them is not. ” Dr. Skott Ahn

8.14 am

Speak at our TV, or wave your finger in the air for TV controlling. It’s like a point & click mouse, except for your fingers. You can thank some high res cameras for that.

8.17 am

LG OLED is launching. Global sales in January. Infinite contrast ratio

8.19 am

“This is not a prototype. ” LG’s laser tv

8.22 am

Now a different guy, James Fishler, senior VP of marketing for LG USA.

8.23 am

If I spell names wrong, I apologise. I’m trying to live blog, write notes, and take pictures, and I’m already squished!

8.24 am

Remotely monitor appliances through your smartphone

8.26 am

Will LG fridges finally be able to remotely monitor what’s in your fridge?

8.28 am

Now hearing about the Optimus G. Available in the US now, last we heard it was around March for Australia.

8.31 am

Time for some home entertainment products…

8.33 am

2013 OLED TV will launch in US in March, SRP $12000. No Aussie price yet, not official AU date.

8.34 am

Also, LG is bringing two more 4K TVs, with a 55 and 65 inch models. You know, so you don’t have to spend $16K on a UHD TV.

8.35 am

Full HD isn’t so “full” any more

8.37 am

LG TV moving completely to LED

8.39 am

That laser TV? It’s a short throw projector at 22 inches that shows a 100 inch display. Cool.