Choetech 24W portable solar panel USB charger – 10-out-of-10

Choetech 24W portable solar panel
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The Choetech 24W portable solar panel USB charger shows what you can achieve when an enterprising group focuses on making a quality USB power delivery solar panel charger.

The Choetech 24W portable solar panel uses top grade, 3rd generation monocrystalline silicon solar cells and IC power regulators to produce one of the best performing and value portable solar panels that we have seen.

Choetech 24W portable solar panel

GadgetGuy has been conducting a 45-day test of solar panel security camera chargers and is beginning to understand the difference between panel types, efficiency and circuitry. GadgetGuy link here.

Review: Choetech 24W portable solar panel USB charger

This Choetech 24W portable solar panel is a foldable four-panel cell for hikers, campers and beachgoers. It is not meant for fixed installation, but it is IP65 weather-resistant so you can use it in the rain. It uses PET laminated solar panels with high-wear welded PVC fabric.

Choetech 24W portable solar panel

First, it uses 24% efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells that are well above the portable solar panels that seem to range from 10-15% for the much cheaper thin-film and polycrystalline silicon panels.

Next it has the smarts to deliver either regulated 2 x 5V/2.4A (24W) outputs at the same time or one up to 5V/4A (20W) for a quick charge.

The Choetech 24W portable solar panel charger has

  • 2 x 5V/2.4A ports (or one x 5V/4A) via smart IC chip regulation that detects USB pin signals and prevents overcharging. LED indicator.
  • iPhone 7.5W compatible for iPhone 8 and later
  • Samsung Galaxy compatible for 15W for faster charging (USB PD 1.0 5V/3A compatible)
  • Charges any micro-USB or earlier Lightning device (BC 1.2, 5V and up to 5A draw compatible)
  • Size: Folded 260 x 160 x 40mm or unfolded 790 x 260 x 20mm x approx. 500g
  • Has an integrated mini-pouch for cables or a phone
  • Comes with a lightweight foldable backpack for use while walking
  • Comes with four carabiner clips for easy mounting
  • Is IP65 rated
  • Website here
Choetech 24W portable solar panel

It is well made, edges are nicely sealed, and the quality is evident.


Our test was over three days (8-10 hours) in good summer sun conditions. Mostly it sat flat on an east facing table until lunchtime and then to a west facing ledge and slightly angled to catch the sun. Naturally, charging ability depends on capturing the most available sunlight.

  • When charging an empty 5200mAh security camera battery (camera working as well) it took just eight hours.
  • It fast charged an empty 10,000mAh power battery bank in the just over six hours.
  • It fully charged two working smartphones (both with 4,000mAh batteries) in just over six hours.

OK these times are about twice as long as a 240V plug-in charger but the power is free!

Choetech 24W portable solar panel

GadgetGuy’s take: Choetech 24W portable solar panel provides excellent USB power

One caveat – it only works during sunlight hours and being a flat panel, you need to occasionally re-orient it towards the ever-changing angle of the sun.

If you marry this with a 20000+mAh USB-C Power Bank you have the means to run your USB-C/Thunderbolt laptop, 4000mAh smartphone and other USB devices day or night. In fact, I suspect if you use the battery in circuit all the time it would be a better combination as the battery has USB-C PD 2.0 outputs.

I see not only cyclists, campers and hikers et al using it but on construction sites and remote locations to top up the battery bank. I can’t vouch for 365-day use as it is a portable device, but it looks like it would last.

For what it is – it is a 10-out-of-10. And it shows that an efficient solar panel charger costs the same or less than many other name brands!

Price: $114.99 plus delivery from Amazon

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Easy to use
Charges at claimed rates
Durable and weather resistant
Backpack and accessories supplied
Flat fold-out design needs to be re-oriented occasionally especially if hung up
You really should buy a USB-C PD 2.0 power bank to use with this