Create Anywhere: Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad

Apple has just announced the launch of its professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro, and its professional music creation software, Logic Pro, for the iPad. Starting May 23, creators can access these powerful tools on their iPads as subscriptions through the App Store. The new touch interfaces offer intuitive workflows with the immediacy of Multi-Touch, making it easier than ever for video and music creators to produce content on the go.

Final Cut Pro for iPad

Final Cut Pro for iPad brings an all-new touch interface, allowing users to navigate the Magnetic Timeline, move clips, and make fast frame-accurate edits with just a tap. Live Drawing enables users to draw and write directly on video content using the Apple Pencil.

Apple Final Cut Pro for iPad interface
Apple Final Cut Pro for iPad interface

Pro Camera Mode and Multicam Video Editing offer even greater control during the creation process, while machine learning-driven features like Scene Removal Mask, Auto Crop, and Voice Isolation speed up time-consuming editing tasks.

Logic Pro for iPad

Logic Pro for iPad combines the power of its desktop counterpart with the portability of an iPad, providing an all-in-one professional music creation app. Multi-Touch gestures allow creators to play software instruments and interact naturally with controls.

The all-new Sound Browser makes it easy to find the perfect sound quickly, while professional instruments and effects plug-ins, beat making and production tools, and a full-featured mixer enable high-quality music production.

Apple Logic Pro’s mixer interface

Both apps offer seamless import and export capabilities, allowing users to move projects between iPad and Mac. Music creators can even create a soundtrack in Logic Pro for iPad and export it directly into Final Cut Pro for iPad.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad subscriptions will be available at A$7.99 per month or A$59 per year, with a one-month free trial. Final Cut Pro requires an M1 chip iPad or later, while Logic Pro is available on A12 Bionic chip iPad models or later.

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