D-Link COVR-2202 gets McAfee protection for free

The D-Link COVR-2202 gets McAfee protection for free. It has added McAfee Secure Home Platform and Live Safe to its COVR-2202 mesh router. And the good news is that existing owners can get that upgrade for free via a firmware update.

The D-Link COVR-2202 is an AC2200 mesh router. GadgetGuy reviewed it here, and it performs similarly to most other AC220 tri-band mesh routers. It is from a well-respected specialist company and has great support. The COVR-2202 scored 4/5 and would have earned more points had it had McAfee at the time of review.

D-Link COVR-2202 McAfee protection

D-Link’s McAfee protection is in two parts.

McAfee Secure Home Platform runs on the router. It has a generous five-year free subscription.

Any device that connects downstream via Wired or Wi-Fi ethernet to the main COVR-2202 router (e.g. via its Satellite too) will have:

  • Cloud-based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence database
  • Malicious site blocking
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • IoT and Botnet threat detection
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Home Away mode (stops IoT connections when you are away)
  • Comprehensive parental controls

Renewal price is unknown.

The second part is McAfee LiveSafe, and it has a two-year free subscription for unlimited installations of Windows, Android, Mac and iOS (features vary depending on OS).

  • Anti-virus/malware and cloud-based threat intelligence database
  • Anti-phishing
  • Web Advisor
  • Performance optimisation
  • Password Manager
  • File Lock/Encrypted storage

Renewal is $164.95

D-Link’s McAfee range includes the D-Fend AC2600 router that scores 4.9/5 in our review. It also includes the new range of EXO smart mesh AC routers.

GadgetGuy’s take – D-Link is taking positive steps to protect the home network

Having on-router security should be mandatory. Add to that D-Links COVR-2202 or EXO mesh routers and extenders, and you can create a home network that is far more secure than a simple router.

We issue our standard advice that network design is paramount to an efficient home network, and our tutorial will help you understand the limitations of mesh and standard routers.