Dell’s new Latitude 5000 laptops are more sustainable than ever

Dell Latitude 5000 series - 5330 laptop 2-in-1

Dell has revealed its latest Latitude 5000 series of business laptops, claiming they’re the company’s most sustainable laptops to date.

This continued expansion into sustainable technology follows on from the PC manufacturer’s Concept Luna, an initiative designed to limit the carbon footprint of creating products. Included in the new Latitude 5000 range are the 5330, 5430, and 5530 models, which are aimed at office workers needing efficiency and versatility.

Each laptop features a range of eco-friendly materials to reduce the carbon, water and energy used throughout manufacturing. For example, the Latitude 5000 series have lids made from 71% recyclable and renewable materials. This includes upcycled tree-based bioplastic, reclaimed carbon fibre, and post-consumer recycled plastic.

Alongside the lids, a portion of the laptop base is also made from reclaimed carbon fibre in addition to bio-based rubber feet made from castor bean oil. Dell explained this reduces the use of petroleum-based materials. 28% of each laptop’s cooling fan housing is constructed from plastic materials that may have otherwise been found in the ocean. 

Dell Latitude 5000 series - 5530 laptop
Dell Latitude 5530

All of the latest Latitude 5000 models come in 100% recyclable packaging made from fully recycled or renewable materials. Dell aims to achieve this same feat with all of its products by 2030.

Internally, the Latitude 5000 series comes in a variety of configurations, ranging from 11th Gen Intel Core processors, all the way up to Intel 12th Gen i7 P28 vPro CPUs depending on the model. The 5430 and 5530 variants can be equipped with up to 64GB of 3200MHz RAM, while the 5330 – which has a 2-in-1 option – goes up to 32GB. Each laptop has a variety of HD display choices, going as far as 4K UHD for the 5530 model.

New light thin and and powerful Dell models

Not the only announcement from Dell, the new Latitude 5000 series is joined by the Precision 5470, claimed to be the world’s smallest, thinnest and most powerful 14-inch mobile workstation. Other product reveals include an ultra-premium laptop, the Latitude 9430, and the highly portable Latitude 7330 Ultralight.

Each new Dell laptop is expected to release this month. Local pricing details are yet to be confirmed, but the sustainable Latitude 5000 series starts between USD$1,400-1,500 overseas. It’s good to see major companies like Dell embracing sustainable technology, so it will be interesting to see how far they can push the practice.

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