Fancy new wireless Alienware keyboard is a company-first

Wireless Alienware keyboard AW920K

A new Alienware keyboard, headset, and mouse range are on the way from Dell’s PC gaming brand, alongside a fresh partnership with Australian esports and recreation venue Fortress.

As part of the recent announcements, Alienware revealed its first wireless gaming keyboard: the AW920K. In addition to the keyboard, other new gaming gear coming soon includes a wireless headset, a wired headset, and a wireless gaming mouse.

Alienware AW920K Tri-Mode Wireless Keyboard

Said to be Alienware’s most customizable and responsive keyboard so far, the rechargeable AW920K boasts a 42-hour battery when connected to its 2.4GHz USB-C dongle. You can also connect it up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth 5.1 and swap between devices using a dedicated button on the keyboard.

As is common among specialist gaming keyboards, Alienware’s latest peripheral is mechanical, using Cherry MX Red linear switches made for minimal friction while playing games. Another big feature Alienware highlights is the keyboard’s programmable rocker switch and dial you can customise as you see fit. Via the Alienware Command Centre software, you can tweak the programmable elements to function as media controls, helpful for adjusting volume on the fly.

Alienware new headsets and mouse

More than just a new keyboard, we also have a bunch of other gaming peripherals to look forward to. Starting with the AW720H, a wireless headset that also uses a 2.4GHz USB-C dongle, it also lets you plug in via a 3.5mm wired connection if you forget to recharge. This being said, once its 30-hour battery depletes, it only takes 15 minutes of USB-C charging to get up to six hours of juice.

Alienware wireless headset AW720H
Alienware’s new wireless headset, the AW720H.

Inside the AW720H are 40mm drivers that use Dolby Atmos to deliver 3D audio, while the retractable boom microphone takes advantage of in-built AI noise-cancelling to block out external noise. Designed for comfort, the wireless headset has a 45mm-wide adjustable headband and soft memory foam ear cups with a breathable fabric covering.

Alienware also introduced a wired headset option: the AW520H. Like the wireless model, it also has 40mm drivers, and an AI noise-cancelling boom microphone, in addition to the same headband and memory foam ear cups. Naturally, the main difference is that it solely uses a 3.5mm wired connection in place of wireless.

Lastly, the Alienware AW620M wireless gaming mouse looks to be well-suited to strategy, role-playing, and MMO games thanks to its sculpted design designed for longer play sessions. Its precise sensor supports up to 26,000 DPI sensitivity, while the 650 IPS and 50G max acceleration help track quick movements.

Alienware gaming mouse AW620M
The AW620M wireless gaming mouse.

In line with the other peripherals, the mouse connects via a 2.4GHz USB-C dongle, which has a rechargeable 140-hour battery. Fortunately, if you get caught in between charges, you can use the device while charging using its lightweight USB cable. It also supports fast charging, giving you up to 10 hours of wireless gameplay from just a five-minute charge.

Sydney esports venue Fortress to feature Alienware gear

Alienware’s recent peripheral launch coincides with confirmation that the global gaming brand will form an integral part of Fortress Sydney, which is set to open in the coming months. More than 70 Alienware Aurora R15 PCs and peripherals will exclusively adorn the NSW venue’s PC gaming area, powered by the latest 13th-generation Intel Core desktop processors.

Fortress and Alienware’s partnership goes back a few years, to the 2020 opening of Fortress Melbourne, and currently lasts until early 2025. Located in Central Park Mall, once Fortress Sydney opens, it will house a dedicated esports venue alongside several gaming-themed attractions including a bar, tavern, and plenty of video games to play.

Release date and price

Each of the Alienware peripherals is due out in the coming months. Already available overseas, the AW620M wireless gaming mouse comes to the rest of the world on 31 March, as does the AW720H wireless headset. Meanwhile, the AW920K wireless Alienware keyboard comes on 19 May, the same time as the wired AW520H headset.

Local pricing isn’t available yet, so we’ll update you when we find out. Peripherals are a competitive space, with even the likes of Sony and Philips encroaching on PC gaming turf in the past year.

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