Divorce Telstra – part 13 (and update part 14)

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Unlike my readers, I do have an avenue to vent frustrations about Telstra. The Divorce Telstra saga to get a simple bill fix and to stop receiving bills for cancelled services goes on. The issue – Telstra no longer has humans and voice communication for consumers.

Our previous article ‘Divorce Telstra – It is not worth the pain’ (here) drew massive readership. In fact, it nearly melted the site down as readers identified with Telstra’s mistreatment of the little people. It attracted a slew of Disqus comments all in total accord with the need to Divorce Telstra. Some of the ineptitude and mistreatment eclipses mine – and I have a pretty high tolerance for fools like Telstra.

Well yesterday I received a veiled threat email from Telstra Credit Management shouting at me ‘YOUR ACCOUNT IS OVERDUE‘. Step one my internet access will only allow inbound calls. Oh, and a charge of $15 per month for each month the account remains overdue.

Divorce Telstra
It is impossible to communicate via voice to Telstra

Further down the email, it states

If you need more than a one-off payment extension, please call us on 13 22 00 to discuss your situation.”

So, I called 13 22 00 for the umpteenth time. After the usual identification a link appears on my mobile for a chat service.

I responded to the email – fruitlessly as it turns out

I have been trying to contact Telstra via 13 22 00 since early September to dispute the bill. I have tried the internet chat link provided on several occasions, but despite getting a promise that someone would call, no one has. And all chats disappear – you can’t record them.  

I cancelled Telstra NBN internet on 30 October, and Aussie Broadband took over from 1 November, but the app has no provision for cancellation. I called again and again but always cut off.  

And the cheery response


Thanks for your email.

This mailbox isn’t monitored anymore, so the message you just sent won’t get to us.

If you need to get in touch, please Contact Us

See you online soon.

Fiona Hayes
Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres

The chat experience – poor is too nice a word

 So, for the 13th time, I tried via chat to tell Telstra that the bill was wrong and the fourth time that I had cancelled.

So started a long chat with Josefina and I quote, “Much as I want to accommodate your request knowing its easier to resolve your concern over the phone, we do not have that option.”
I responded, “Well, get someone to call me who can help”.

I promptly entered all the details again for the 13th time. Only to get an error message “The site can’t be reached. Mytelstra.onelink.me‘s DNS address could not be found – diagnosing the problem”.

To add insult to injury going back to the link did not work either – it is one-time use only!

So Tel$tra – sue me! I have all the evidence of a communication breakdown on your part. Next stop is the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

Now is the time for everyone to vote with their wallet and Divorce Telstra.

UPDATE: 21 November 2020

This entire Telstra chat communication took from 8:02 to 9:05 AM – over one hour waiting for a response.

Telstra: Hello there! My name is Cleo, your account expert today. For us to get started, kindly provide the following details so we can resolve your enquiry as quick as I can:

ME: I inserted the entire TIO complaint reference number 2020/11/09038 made not 10 minutes before in the chat box.

Telstra: Thanks Ray, as I can see this complaint is now closed. Is the services still not working?

ME: Cleo – your question is just plain wrong. I want a credit for the unannounced charges and any late fees in August, September, October and as I have changed providers no more bills from 31 October.

Telstra: I understand I will follow it up with your complaint manager for this matter. I believe you have their emails? You can reply to them as well on their email. What I can do is to send a follow up email to your complaint manager

ME: I don’t have any emails from Telstra despite this now being the 14th time I have used this system to try and resolve the matter.

Telstra: I do apologize we will make sure that within 5 business days you hear from us as I follow up with your complaint manager.

ME: Good – I have recorded yet another promise to contact me. Bye

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