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Con: Continually monitors for outages but only automatically tests speeds six times a day – still this is the best idiot-proof indicator you can buy.

Or if you have Windows and a good batch file knowledge you can run Ookla Speed Test (command-line version) automatically at intervals you select. Email [email protected] for instructions.

Don’t let Tel$tra provide shoddy NBN service speedtest

Pro: Extremely accurate and Telstra cannot argue
Con: Data comes out in plain text and needs to be imported into a spreadsheet for analysis

What to do if you are not getting the speed you pay for

First, report any outages to your CSP call centre and obtain an incident number. Also, record the time you spent, including waiting for an operator to hanging up.

If a pattern emerges (regular outages or regular slow speeds) and your calls exceed say five times immediately go to the Telecommunications Ombudsman and make a complaint online. All you need is the latest incident number and provide some contact information – it is simple, and you should do it sooner rather than when your blood pressure is out of bounds.


Now armed with a TIO complaint number wait until the issue happens again and immediately quote the number to your CSP call centre and request that the matter be escalated to a dedicated, first-line complaints officer. That person will be your contact from there on in.

At that time, you need data – cold hard facts like I had – but frankly, I am not sure how many complaints officers really understand it. Their role is to close the complaint quickly, or they look bad to the TIO and shareholders.

GadgetGuy’s gut full – Don’t let Tel$tra provide shoddy NBN service

All you need to do is keep saying to your CSP, “I pay for XX/XXMbps and reliable service. Fix it.”

Don’t tolerate threats of charging to send out technicians “if it’s your fault” because it is usually not, demand replacement modems, demand discounts until its fixed, and if you are unhappy go back to the TIO and update your existing complaint online.

If this seems to be too much get an advocate to help. This ‘geek’ needs to understand IP and testing and an excellent place to start is your local computer store or a geek-to-you service. If you are right, you can demand the CSP pay for the geek as well.

And remember that this is nothing to do with NBN – you buy it from Tel$tra, and it must own the issue.

Update to Trials and Tribulations with Telstra

After 18 months and hundreds of wasted and frustrating hours, Telstra finally fixed my FTTN NBN, refunded 26 months of charges and presumably copped a TIO fine. Well, the internet still drops out occasionally, but a new issue has emerged – slowing speeds from 95Mbps to 75Mbps to 65Mbps… Oh well, take a blood pressure tablet and start again.