Fetch nabs Netflix locally

The local release of Netflix isn’t far away, and Australians will likely be able to watch it on the go on phones and tablets, as well as at home on devices meant to stay connected to the TV, and while we expect consoles and Apple TV to support it like they do overseas, another platform will be getting support.

If you happen to be a customer of the net-based Fetch TV platform, you will be able to logon and access Netflix when it launches in Australia next month.

This week, Fetch TV has sent word that it will be the first local pay-TV provider to connect Netflix to its service, meaning you only need a Netflix account and you’ll be able to watch Netflix through the Fetch TV set-top box.

“Today’s announcement represents a significant milestone for Fetch TV and our partners, and a very exciting development for our 170,000 plus customers,” said Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV.

“Netflix is the clear world leader in online entertainment, with a powerful brand, compelling content, and an unparalleled reputation for innovation and disruption. Netflix perfectly complements the Fetch TV service. We are now able to offer Australian consumers a world-class integrated entertainment offering at unprecedented value.”

From what we understand, the service will compliment Fetch TV’s existing network of TVs show and movies, with access to Netflix added to a set-top box that can already access up to 38 channels over the web while including three digital tuners for access without the net.

“As we surveyed the Australian market, Netflix was impressed by the Fetch TV service, unique business model, and the committed coalition of Telco partners,” said Netflix’s Bill Holmes.

“By partnering with Fetch TV, we are making it easy for TV fans and movie lovers to watch Netflix on their televisions.”

Pricing for Netflix in Australia has yet to be announced, though we don’t expect it will cost more than $15, with a price somewhere between $10 and $15 likely.

Availability is soon, however, with Netflix telling GadgetGuy that it would be arriving some time in March.