Google could be your next holiday photo curator

The next time you take a holiday, there’s a good chance Google will do what it can to help you relive those awesome moments with a curated photo gallery.

If you’re someone who uses Android’s “Google Photos” app, or even just someone who leans on it on iPhone, iPad, or loves Google Photos online at the Google Photos website — — there’s a good chance moments from your life are being indexed and you have no idea.

That’s not a bad thing, but just rather the way Google Photos has been setup as of late, with the search engine giant rolling out a feature that will offer an automated curation of your events an trips, with an album suggested for what you visit, bringing your best photos in one place while GPS information from phones will provide location pins and a map detailing your trip.

Users of the Google Photos app will also find they have unlimited storage for their files in a “high-quality” capacity, which is a continuation of what Google has operated for several months now and translates to large images, though not necessarily full-size.

Still, it should be big enough to let you see the photos you love on high-quality screens like the Retina displays Apple puts out, as well as any other brilliant smartphone screen out there.

Outside of the massive storage available, you’ll also find you can save photos shared with you, so if you send the photo album to a friend or family member, they can keep the photos with them even when they go offline, handy if they’re sitting on a flight of their own and keen to reminisce.

If you’re keen to see what the fuss is about, the Google Photos app is available updated for this feature now on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), with the features also available through the website.