Google Earth now includes rain, sleet, snow


An update to the ever popular Google Earth tool now includes the ability to see weather in real-time over various parts of the world.
The newest feature can be found under the “Weather” layer with the option clouds. Not only can you see precipitation in a weather radar pattern, but if you get close enough to the ground, the weather patterns actually animate.
Google’s weather is based off of live events so if you see rain in New York, it’s actually raining in the Big Apple.
Precipitation maps are now visible over certain areas of the world. Zoom in a little closer within Google Earth and you’ll see animated rain.
We’ll be surprised if we don’t see the technology used by various TV networks in the coming year given just how good it is.
While it hasn’t been rolled out in many parts of the world – parts of America and Europe are the only areas working right now – if we know Google, it won’t be long before this is working all over the planet.