Google Instant to be faster than instant noodles


The newest way to search the web lets you type without hitting “enter” and is faster than any web crawler before it. Is Google re-inventing the search engine?
Google Instant makes search more dynamic by updating your search results as you type in your search. Google has removed the need for you to press “enter” unless you’re entering something deemed too adult or explicit in nature.
To use it, you just type in your search as normal and Google will refresh the page with the most relevant search terms.
The technology has the potential to shake up how users see the web, with the search terms automatically refreshing your search results as you add or subtract them. If the result isn’t on the first page, now you can make the search more specific or just move on over to the second or third page.
Google’s new search technology has yet to be rolled out to Google Australia, but should be rolled out over the next few months.