Griffin preps a plastic stand for people pondering Apple’s Watch

Apple’s smartwatch revolution is nearly here, and while watch-face makers and app developers are prepping what they can do to make Apple’s first attempt a fruitful one, so too are the accessories people, with Griffin getting in with a stand.

You have one for your phone, now prepare to find special ones for your watch, that is if you’re about to be an Apple Watch owner.

Griffin is making it known this week that it will have a recharge stand available soon, reliant on the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable Apple will be providing in the box, but basically holding this up and making so the watch is easy to get at and held up from your phone.


“Griffin has long been at the forefront of developing accessories for Apple’s newest devices and we’re continuing that legacy with our WatchStand charging dock for the Apple Watch,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology.

Designed for nightstands, bedside tablets, and desks of all sorts, the WatchStand as Griffin is calling it is basically a small post for holding up the magnetic charger and separating it from the flat surface you’ll more than likely be leaving it.


You could say that the WatchStand is basically a tall bit of plastic, and you’d probably be right, with a small recess carved out in the stand’s base to accommodate an iPhone lying horizontally and a section under the stand’s tip to keep the charging cable all wrapped up and neat.

For the most part, this just seems to be cosmetic, and we’re a little surprised to see no iPhone charger built into this stand, since it would complete the package and make it possible for two gadgets to charge off the one stand, not just rest there.


That said, Griffin could change this before it lands on shelves, with “mid-year” being the timeframe the company is reportedly targeting, with a price of $39.95 locally. Honestly, for $30, we hope it’s more than just a bit of plastic that holds the Apple Watch up, but we’ll see when it’s released.