External drives are about to go through a bit of a change, as the ports shift to a newer standard. G-Technology is one of the first to do this, and we’re going hands-on with the result.

The next generation of devices will be easier to plug things in and out of, as the world has finally decided on a format.

For those who haven’t seen it before, it’s called “USB Type C” and as the name suggests it’s the next generation of USB.

Just like your standard USB cables and drives, you can expect to plug this into all sorts of devices, with phones, tablets, laptops, and monitors the first crop of products to support the technology.


The port is unique for several reasons, but one is that it is completely reversible so is pretty much impossible to plug it in the wrong way, while another is that it can carry more charge making it ideal to be used as a power port for computers.

But more than anything else, it is unique because finally it’s a standard everyone agrees on. Apple, Intel, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Asus, LG, HTC, and so on and so on, as companies come to the table to make USB Type C something that can exist everywhere, meaning compatibility for one specific plug will eventually come to more than just a smattering of phones and laptops.

Hard drives will get the technology, too, with that one same plug you use to charge the computer also used for moving data to and from the drive, and G-Technology’s G-Drive Mobile is one of the first that has received the port, arriving in Australia this month.


Opening the box, we’re glad to see that G-Technology has at least included both types of cable with this drive, because that means you don’t technically need a new computer to make use of the drive.

While some hard drives will require a USB Type C port to power the drive, G-Tech’s portable box that is the G-Drive is not one of these, meaning it can work off the standard five volts we normally get from a standard USB port.

That might come off a little too technical, but what it means if you can plug this drive into your regular old laptop or desktop, and it will still work, giving you access to 1TB of storage in a slim-line size.

If you decide to upgrade to something a little more recent, there’s a good chance you’ll see it arrive with a USB Type C port, so the drive will work with this, too. Hooray!


Getting to the drive, it’s clear the Mac audience is the key demographic with this one, offered in a silver or a rose gold. Those choices seem particularly skewed to the MacBook crowd, and given this is a USB Type C device and the only port on the MacBook is a USB Type C port, we’re pretty safe in making that call.