Likely couple: Sony’s HX1010 HDD-DVD recorder and 20″ LCD Bravia


With a massive 400GB drive, Sonyys HX1010 HDD-DVD recorder can store 175 hours of DVD-quality video and up to 695 hours of video recorded in the longest-play SEP mode. The unit offers a Pause Live TV function, simultaneous record and playback, dual formatĀ  (DVD+RW/+R/-R/-RW) recording, one-touch dubbing and HDMI connectivity.

Also from the house of Sony is the MFMHT205 Bravia, a 20 inch LCD panel that does double duty as a conventional television and computer monitor. Ideal for gaming, it sports an ultra-sharp 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution, a repsonse time of six milliseconds, a 1600:1 contrast ratio and built-in speakers with SRS WOW audio processing for creating a three-dimensional sound stage. It costs a dollar shy of $2,000.