Lowepro slims its side-opening bags with two newbies

Geared at camera geeks who take to the streets and bring everything they can with them, Lowepro’s Transit all-weather (AW) series has been designed to make it possible to carry a post-processing solution and the shooting solution with you comfortably, as well as any other bits and pieces you just can’t live without.

“By combining the most revolutionary features of our best-selling camera bags – and then adding the innovative UltraFlex fit system – getting that perfect shot on the move has never been easier,” said Maxwell’s Brendan Lee, Marketing Manager of the company bringing Lowepro gear to Australia.

That UltraFlex system Lee talks about is Lowepro’s velcro-lined padding system (below) inside the backpacks that allows you to change the shape of a backpack to fit all manner of cameras and accessories, and making it possible for a bag normally designed for a digital SLR to support all manner and makes of cameras and lenses quickly and easily.

Outside of the internal camera storage, the bag also features a way of storing a tripod by keeping it connected to the side of the bag, a zippered up rear slot for laptops and tablets, a wrist strap for spreading bag weight over your arm, and an all-weather cover which can protect your gear from the elements.

Lowepro's Transit Sling 250 AW

Two versions of the Transit are available, with the Transit Sling 250 AW featuring only one strap and traditionally going over your shoulder, while the bigger Transit Backpack 350 AW is worn like a traditional backpack and supports more cameras.

Both should be hitting camera stores now, with the Transit Sling 250 AW arriving for $129 RRP, while the Backpack 350 AW comes in at $159.

Lowepro's bigger Transit Backpack 350 AW