Logitech MX Brio webcam lab-tested to make your face look better

Logitech MX Brio 4k webcam launch
Image: supplied.
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A webcam is a webcam, no matter which one you get, right? If only that was the case. Even with options ranging from 1080p to 4K, some cameras are just better at capturing light and colour. At the top of the Logitech webcam range, the new MX Brio aims to be the best for both home and work use.

A step up from the existing Brio 4K, the MX model sits within Logitech’s Master Series of premium keyboards and mice. Compared to the older model, Logitech claims the MX Brio uses a sensor with 70% larger pixels to help increase image quality.

Putting its claims to the test, Logitech turned to DXOMARK, a company known for rigorously benchmarking camera technology. Based on its lab testing, the MX Brio was found to improve face visibility and image detail two times better than the Brio 4K.

Some of this is due to better hardware, while software also plays a part. There’s some AI wizardry involved to help make software adjustments to lighting so your face is easier to see. You can also tweak things yourself manually by using either the Logi Options+, Logi Tune, or G Hub software. Logi Tune also supports auto-framing, keeping you framed in the centre when you move around.

For when you’re on calls, built-in dual microphones use beamforming technology to help isolate your voice from background noise. The Logitech MX Brio also includes a privacy shutter so you have full control over what the camera sees.

Logitech MX Brio release date and price details

Out this month, the MX Brio costs $329.95, reflecting its position as a premium model. It’ll be available online via Logitech’s website and various stockists in Australia, with two colours to choose from: Graphite, and Pale Grey.

Even though many of us went on webcam-buying sprees over the past few years, there are still plenty of folks out there with gear that produces low-quality images. Part of that is lighting. Most cameras look exponentially better with a well-lit subject. I swear by Logitech’s Litra Glow as an easy solution, which has since been superseded by the Litra Beam LX.

When contending with tricky lighting conditions, perhaps the MX Brio is a good fit for those with the budget. Or, better yet, get work to pay for it.

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