New 2009 iPods – more stuff, cheaper prices

It’s September, so, you know what that means. The crazy iPod scientist at Apple have been in the labs, making things better, making things smaller, taking a big look at the Pantone colour chart, and voila, new iPods.

Here’s the general scoop on the new versions of the old favourites. Oh, and they’re all on sale today. Now.

iPod Touch – 3rd generation

Just as with last year’s, the storage size has gone up, the biggest model now offers 64GB of space. And for that 64GB model you’ll pay the same price as last year’s 32GB offering. The 32GB and 64GB have Voice Control, letting you bypass the touchscreen controls and instead control the device by voice, with commands such as “shuffle,” “pause,” and “next song”, plus you can tell the touch to play a particular song or playlist, or ask the name of the song currently playing.

The Genius Playlist gets an added feature, called Genius Mixes. Once you synch the iPod touch with a computer, iTunes creates 12 like-sounding, or similar genre, playlists. Well, it depends on the extent of your library really, getting the genre or sound to gel, but if nothing else you’ve got yourself 12 easily created playlists.

Apple also claim the new 32GB and 64GB models are 50% faster than previous models.

  • 8GB iPod touch – $269
  • 32GB iPod touch – $399
  • 64GB iPod touch – $549

iPod Nano – 5th generation

The big new addition to the nano is a videocamera, microphone and speaker, plus a larger screen, 2.2 inch. The nano has become the most colourful model in the iPod line-up, and the 5th Gen is available in silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, (PRODUCT) RED and pink.

Also onboard, in-built FM radio, with the ability to pause the live broadcast. And like the new iPod touch, the new nano has the Genius Mix feature.

  • 8GB iPod nano – $199
  • 16GB iPod nano – $249

iPod shuffle


Not a lot of change with the iPod shuffle. The 4GB price has dropped $20, and the new colour range is silver, black, pink, blue and green.

  • 2GB iPod shuffle – $79
  • 4GB iPod shuffle – $109