New Google Nest Cam 2021 security cameras won’t leave you in the dark

Google Nest Cam

Battery-powered cameras and doorbells, which continue recording during power and internet outages, are the stars of the new Google Nest Cam 2021 security cameras line-up.

Smart security cameras with real-time alerts, like the Google Nest Cam security cameras, aren’t just for catching burglars red-handed. They also offer peace of mind if you have children who come home to an empty house or pets who spend the day alone.

Internet-enabled security cameras are certainly great for keeping an eye on things while you’re out and about. Of course, that’s until the power and internet access goes out, leaving you completely in the dark.

Until now, Google Nest Cam security cameras and doorbells have shunned the idea of a built-in rechargeable battery. This creates challenges when installing them in hard-to-reach places, including outside, where you might not have a power point at hand.

One of the main reasons why they demand AC power is that, by default, Google Nest Cam security cameras constantly upload video to the cloud. This naturally demands more power than other security cameras, which only upload video when they detect movement or only when you access the camera remotely from your smartphone.

Constantly uploading video also takes a toll on your broadband connection. Google recommends 2 Mbps upload speeds for each camera in your home. You can adjust the image quality to change the bandwidth requirements.

Cut the cord

Google has added four new Google Nest Cam 2021 security cameras to its line-up, two of which aren’t completely reliant on mains power.

The indoor/outdoor Nest Cam offers the option to run on AC power, an internal rechargeable battery or an optional solar panel.

Google is also finally bringing its smart doorbell to Australia. The Nest Doorbell runs on an internal rechargeable battery or connects to your doorbell’s low voltage wiring.

The batteries only need recharging every few months under normal use. When connected to AC power, the camera’s battery automatically kicks in during a blackout.

When running on batteries, these cameras don’t upload video continuously. Instead, they only record and upload events such as movement. Should they lose mains power or internet access, the cameras store 1 hour’s worth of video clips and upload it once they reconnect.

The ability to install the cameras without running any wires is handy for renters looking to give their home a smart overhaul.

Other new Google Nest Cam 2021 security cameras include the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam with Floodlight. They both rely on AC power but can store recordings if your internet is out.

Google Nest Cam 2021 security cameras – Improved notifications

Initially, most of the earlier Google Nest Cam security cameras smart features required paying a monthly subscription. These days, Google is feeling a bit more generous.

With the free service, the cameras can now distinguish between people, pets and vehicles. An increase in frame rate and resolution means they can now detect when someone is carrying a package. This way you know when a courier has been to your house, even if they just leave something on the porch and don’t bother to ring the bell.

It’s also possible to divide the view from each camera into zones, to reduce unwanted alerts. The floodlight is triggered by specific events, rather than any movement.

Paying for a Nest Aware subscription adds support for facial recognition. This was previously limited to the high-end Nest Cam IQ range, which appears to be discontinued.

Under the free service, Google Nest Cam security cameras only let you scroll three hours back in time. A Nest Aware subscription keeps a 30-day event history. Nest Aware Plus extends this to 60 days, while also adding a 24/7 video history for the previous 10 days.

GadgetGuy’s take

Enhanced detection capabilities certainly improve the value proposition of Google Nest Cam 2021 security cameras if you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription. Previously, there was little advantage in owning Google’s cameras over their rivals unless you subscribed to Nest Aware.

Package detection is also a valuable addition in the COVID-19 age. We’re all relying more on home deliveries, but couriers can’t be trusted to knock or ring the doorbell. Alerts on your smartphones or Google Hub devices around the house will make sure that your precious parcels don’t sit unattended on the porch all day.