New Intel Core processors mean faster and smarter computers

Intel Corporation’s new family of ‘Core’ processors was unveiled at the Ivy Hotel in Sydney yesterday. So, apart from making computers run faster, what does this new line of processors do? We were there to get the inside scoop and find out why you should be looking for a Core processor in your next notebook or desktop.

Essentially, there will be 3 flavours of Core processors – the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The i3 is entry-level, with the i7 at the top end. There will be notebook and desktop PC versions of each. The new technology found in the Core range allows you to get more done in less time, and with less power consumption – which is an especially important factor for notebooks.

Key technological advancements include Intel Hyper-Threading technology,  Intel Turbo Boost Technology and integrated HD graphics.

Intel Hyper-Threading technology enables more data to be processed in parallel, meaning a very responsive PC or notebook, and you can pile on the workload – such as watching a HD movie while downloading a file, with your anti-virus software running in the background.

Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology adds a degree of intelligence that determines when your PC needs to work extra hard but backs off to save battery life when intensive processing is not required.

Integrated HD graphics is another new feature, where a computer’s graphics processing circuitry is located within the Core processor. This provides a number of advantages including smooth HD movie playback and detailed 3D graphics, reduced power consumption and package space – meaning slimmer notebooks.

The new Core family will be found in all major notebook and desktop PCs, and stock should trickle down to the retailers by the end of January.

You can find out more information on Intel’s processors, including the Core family, here.