Nokia announces new players in the smartphone world


Just as Android starts to dominate sales of smartphones, Nokia has unveiled three new smartphones powered by its own Symbian operating system. Does Nokia have some winners here?
The new phones were unveiled overnight at the 2010 Nokia World event in London, and include features such as AMOLED touchscreens, metal bodies, and even a keyboard.
Nokia’s new range has been designed to provide a “smartphone for everyone” and today’s additions of the C6, C7, and E7 handsets to the Nokia range could give the company a foothold back in the highly competitive smartphone market.
Nokia’s E7 handset features a keyboard, 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen, and HDMI.
“Today our fight back to smartphone leadership shifts into high gear,” said Niklas Savander, executive vice president, markets, Nokia. “Despite new competition, Symbian remains the most widely used smartphone platform in the world. The new smartphones introduced today feature the latest Symbian OS, which is faster, easier to use, more efficient and developer friendly.”
Looking at some of these phones, we have to say that we’re intrigued. The combination of stainless steel bodies and AMOLED touchscreens makes us interested to see what sort of price point Nokia can bring this higher quality design down to.
Outside of “shipping before the end of the year”, Nokia has yet to give us availability or pricing in Australia, but if we were them, we’d do it soon. With more and more Android devices on the way, Windows Phone 7 nearing launch, new BlackBerry devices, and the ever-dominant iPhone, Nokia’s going to want these new phones out here now.