PacSafe locks up backpacks with anti-theft zips and steel straps

Invented in 1893, the zipper hasn’t changed much over the past hundred or so years, but with a new messenger bag, a change might be as simple as the way the zipper stops, among other things.

For PacSafe, these changes could decide the difference between having your contents locked up tight or opened up and left easily accessed by a thief while you’re walking around on holiday.


According to the company, the Venturesafe products being announced have been designed to thwart criminals from breaking into a hand- and side-luggage, with stainless steel thread inside the zippers and straps, making it harder for a would-be thief to use a knife to slash the straps off a bag and take your gear.

Adding to this, the company has built in a dual release security buckle to hold the bag to furniture, while RFID blocking materials have been integrated into at least one flap, aimed at stopping people from stealing details using mobile readers from credit cards and passports.


It needs to be noted that PacSafe’s Venturesafe 200 isn’t for every piece of gear you own, and the design is suggestive that you’ll be able to throw documents, a tablet, a phone, and maybe a few other bits and pieces here, but this is not going to be your be-all end-all bag on your holiday, and if you’re carrying around a big camera, you may want to look at something else.

But if you’re otherwise fairly digital and want to stay safe as roam the streets on holiday, a metal meshing inside the design could do well to stop thieves in their tracks.


PacSafe’s Venturesafe 200 is available in select stockists now for a recommended retail price of $119.