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Looks like a regular lock, except it's digital. Neat.

Looks like a regular lock, except it’s digital. Neat.

As for durability, we’re told the Dock & Bone LockSmart will come in two options, with an 8mm hardened steel shackle and die-cast Zinc Alloy body, while the smaller version will offer what we suspect is much the same, but with a 7mm shackle. Both have been built to be weather-proof, with the battery capable of lasting up to 3000 opens for up to two years before a recharge is needed.

Pricing on the Dog & Bone LockSmart padlock is, however, a little more than your regular analogue lock, though, starting at $109.95 for the LockSmart Mini, which will arrive in December, while the larger LockSmart will hit stores first for $139.95 this month.