Pentax goes old school with new camera

Retro is in, and making cameras look like they fit in with the times of yesteryear appears to be the style of the day. Pentax has picked up on this and will be equipping a compact camera with looks like this and RAW support in a new $500 model.

Designed to look like it should fit in a film form the sixties, the MX-1 is a new breed of compact from Pentax, taking modern technologies and wrapping a retro-fresh skin around it.

The camera takes advantage of a 12 megapixel backlit sensor designed to pick up on a higher sensitivity, and as such, features a maximum ISO range of 12,800, something we don’t see in too many compact cameras.

RAW files are also possible from this model, and the 4x zoom, which is roughly equivalent to 28 to 112mm in 35mm film format, also features some decent apertures for low-light shooting, with f/1.8 at the 28mm and f/2.5 at the 112mm.

There are a few controls on the top, and even more on the back, plus a 3 inch tilting LCD screen to help you use the camera. Anti-shake has been thrown in the camera too, with Pentax’s “dual-shake reduction” aimed at providing decent blur reduction technology.

You’ll also find Full HD movies, pop-up flash, art effects, different aspect ratios, and remote control sensors on the front and back for controlling this camera from afar, while the body features a rubber grip and brass top and bottom.

Pentax’s MX-1 is in stores now for $499 across Australia, available in both black and silver finishes.