Pentax rumoured for mirror-less camera with support for old lenses

A new rumour swirling today suggests that Pentax might be the next company to unveil a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera with support for all of Pentax’s old K-mount lenses.

The rumour comes courtesy of a member at online photographic community ClubSnap, who posted preview images of what looks like a Pentax model called the “K-01” and features a new 40mm lens that looks ridiculously thin.

Interestingly, Australian designer Marc Newson – the guy behind the design of Sydney’s last New Years Eve fireworks – is said to be the creative force behind this new camera, with an image leaking out featuring his signature on the base.

One of the leaked pictures also features a fair few Pentax lenses, suggesting that the new camera will support glass using Pentax’s K-mount.

The rumour suggests that Pentax will be unveiling this within the next day or two, so we’ll keep you updated.