PlayStation Portable 2 details to be released this week

Sony’s PSP hasn’t quite won the portable console war, but it looks like it’s ready to give it another shot with an announcement on a new model later this week.

The next PlayStation Portable will – from what we’ve heard – come in the form of two devices: a new PSP and a PSP phone.

Sony’s new PSP (we’ll just call it the PSP2 right now) is being tipped to come with a OLED touchscreen, a faster processor that could possibly put it in PS3 territory, and the ability to download games and log on to the web via a 3G connection.

But don’t expect the PSP2 to make calls, because that’s where the PlayStation Phone will probably come in.

Sony’s PSPhone isn’t a new concept, and we’ve certainly mentioned it at least once or twice here at GadgetGuy, but we’re hoping it actually gets a proper announcement later this week. Current expectations put the PlayStation Phone as being an Android-based device with a slide-out keypad, similar to what Sony tried with the PSP Go a little over a year ago.