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Dyson Supersonic – the hair dryer re-thought (review)
4.6Overall Score

Price (RRP): $499-549
Manufacturer: Dyson

Dyson Supersonic is the hair dryer re-thought. Does it live up to the Dyson pedigree? Is it a good hair dryer? Is it worth the eye-watering A$499 or $549 for the Iron red and red case version?

GadgetGuy sought the assistance of GadgetGirl (wife Jan) to use, abuse and review this hair dryer. After years of using $50-100, 2000-2400W hairdryers from GHD, Remington, VS Sassoon etc., we wanted to see what was so different.

“Well, the usual hair dryer has a long barrel and a shortish handle. The Dyson Supersonic is almost the opposite – a long handle and almost no barrel. It feels more comfortable and more natural in the hand,” she said.

Out of the box – Dyson Supersonic Iron Red and case

Hmmm – that it a big box. On opening, it contains the hair-dryer, air flow nozzles (air concentrator, smoother, and diffuser), and a special edition leather beauty/carry case (red not pink as shown below) and some accessories.

Dyson Supersonic

The first impression is that it looks like no other. Where is the long barrel, which side do you use?

Then with some trepidation (as for my first use I am going to the hairdresser straight after I wash and dry my hair) I magnetically attach the concentrator and go to work.

Dyson Supersonic

The balance comes from the fan/motor in the handle, so all the top ‘doughnut’ does is focus the air – as Dyson fans do.

I was a little concerned when I saw a rating of 1600W – far less than I had used in the past. Would it take longer to dry?

No! It is light, well balanced, and produces a great airflow. It is one of the fastest drying I have used yet it does not overwhelm me with heat or velocity. Dyson claims 169kph and 41l per second from its 110,000 RPM bladeless fan. My current dryer claims 140kph.

And I love the 2.7m power cable length, and at 639g it is comparable in weight to other brands. Dyson – the cable length is great, but it’s a little ‘stiff and springy’ so it takes up space on the bathroom counter.

Heat/fan settings

It offers three fan settings – fast, regular and styling and four ‘precise heat settings.

  • 100°C Fast drying and styling
  • 80°C Regular drying
  • 60°C Gentle drying
  • 28°C Constant cold

Dyson Supersonic