Dyson debuts its first wet/dry stick vac with ‘submarine’ mop head

Dyson Submarine

Dyson has revealed Australian pricing for its all-in-one wet-and-dry cordless stick vacuum, the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™. Priced at $1549, it features a novel ‘submarine’ mop head that is set to revolutionise wet/dry home cleaning. The V15s Detect Submarine will be available to purchase from Dyson Direct from July 27th and from retailers from August 3rd.

Recently, we had a sneak peek at the V15s Detect Submarine at Dyson’s Singapore-based R&D office, and saw how it can easily clean up dust, and spills and remove stains, all from the same head. The V15s also comes with other attachments including a mini anti-tangle cleaning head for pet hair, and an enhanced fluffy optic head for dust. There’s also a digital MotorBar attachment for carpets, depending on the version you choose.

Keep in mind that existing Dyson stick vacuum owners such as those with the Gen5 Detect and earlier models won’t be able add the Submarine head attachment separately due to the specific elements needed for the wet cleaning system.

How does Dyson’s wet/dry head work?

The Submarine cleaner head features a precisely engineered eight-point hydration system that distributes water evenly across the microfibre roller head. It releases 18ml water per minute to clean floors without leaving excessive wetness. The motor-driven roller brush removes spills, tough stains, and debris, while a sturdy metal plate scrapes the brush, extracting the dirty water and deposits it into a separate wastewater tray.

The vacuum cleaner also includes a 300ml clean water tank capable of covering up to 110m2 of flooring. A slightly larger 360ml dirty water tank ensures the roller remains saturated with clean water and no dirt or debris is transferred back onto the floor. With a unique folding neck design, it can easily maneuver under furniture and clean low reach spaces.

The head comes apart for cleaning, which should be done each time the mop is used. It can split in half for easy access to the microfibre roller and water tanks, and these can be completely immersed in water, however, the neck can only be wiped off as it contains electrical contacts.

Born from research

The new cleaning system is a result of Dyson’s in-depth dust analysis research in its microbiology lab. Recognising that wet cleaning is essential in households with hard floors, a common feature in over 50% of Australian homes, Dyson developed the Submarine head to remove dry debris before mopping.

The V15s Detect Submarine Complete model also features a HEPA filter, removing 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns, ensuring cleaner and healthier homes. It also comes with a Fluffy optic head with an integrated green LED light, which illuminates dust particles and indicates the presence of dust mites.

Pricing and models

Dyson’s latest offering will be available in two packages: the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™, which includes the Digital Motorbar, Wet Roller head, Combi tool, Crevice tool, Hair Screw tool, and Wand clip; and the direct exclusive Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ Complete, which also includes Dyson’s HEPA filtration system, Digital Motorbar, Fluffy Optic, Built-in Dusting and Crevice tool, and Floor Dok Multi. For more information, see the Dyson Australia website.