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Hisense 75-inch 2018 Series 8 (review)
4.0Overall Score

Price (RRP): $3,699 (65) to 4,999 (75)
Manufacturer: Hisense

Hisense TVs have come a long way in the past year. This challenger brand has put a cat among the traditional pigeons with its Series 8 and 9 Quantum Dot TVs. The Hisense 75-inch 2018 Series 8 puts on a terrific show.

The 2018 Series 9 is outstanding – we rated it a 10-out-of-10 panel. (GadgetGuy review here). The purpose of this review is to see if the lower cost series 8 is a bargain or too much of a compromise.

But the real issue is how much better it is than the even lower cost Series 5/6/7. Regrettably, we can’t test that this time but you can read GadgetGuy’s range overview here. My gut feel is that it is a big step up from the Series 7.

Spoiler alert: The Series 8 offers a lower price point that the Series 9.  Performance wise it would take a skilled user to tell them apart. GadgetGuy rates this panel an 8 out of 10. This is after exhaustive testing using tech level 4K colour bar generators and diagnostics.  That is pretty good for an edge-lit LED/LCD versus the 10 out of 10 prime array LED back-lit Series 9.

In other words, aspire for a Series 9 but be very happy with a series 8.

What is the Hisense 75-inch 2018 Series 8 (75P8)

Australian website here.

The 2018 Series 8 (P8) is its upper-mid tier series. It is below the top-of-the-range Series 9 (P9).

It comes in a 65/75-inch at $3,699/4,999. By comparison, the P9 costs $4,499/6,499 – a $1,500 premium over the P8.

It uses the same Hisense Quantum Dot technology as the P9. As as a cost-saving measure, it uses an edge-lit array (light comes from the bottom edge). The more expensive 75P9 has 1000+ individual prime array LED backlights.

First a few statistics

Most (90+%) TVs sold now are 4K resolution. While 48/50/55-inch was the sweet spot for FHD, 65-inch is outselling all other 4K sizes. Price reductions are driving that as 4K take-up, takes over.

A 65-inch TV ranges in price from around $1,000 (let’s just say I would not insult my eyes watching it) to over $8,000. The P8 sits in the middle yet offers screen quality above that.

We think the 75-inch as tested is superb but with a few caveats. Read on!

Let’s talk about the size

Humans eyes have about a 135° horizontal (wide) viewing angle. That is your ‘vista’. A TV that filled the vista would be almost impossible to watch and catch all the action. Your eye and neck muscles would wear out!

Vision experts suggest a TV should occupy 30-40° of your vista. Below is a table of TV sizes (applies to all resolutions) and recommended minimum viewing distances.